Will travel for food

Throughout 2016 and 2017 OpenTable and Blink forged a partnership that leveraged the highest-end talent on our network to build a premium catalog of brand assets that reshaped OpenTable’s visual identity. Blink was commissioned to produce every major campaign at OpenTable, including photo and video shoots in 23 cities around the world as a part of their Traveler, Testimonial and Guest Center campaigns.

The content we produce for OpenTable touches every vertical of the company and services a range of business objectives. This requires alignment between many different teams and internal organizations. We’ve integrated dedicated producers and directors with the Brand and Marketing teams at OpenTable, streamlined our workflows and creative briefs, and built relationships with photographers and producers in every major market on OpenTable’s operational roster to ensure a uniform and high-quality benchmark for all productions. All photo post-production, video editing and creative strategy is centralized in NYC and distributed to local production teams, showcasing the global reach of the Blink network.

  • 25Cities
  • 85Shoots
  • 1600Images
  • 12Films


  • Multi-Location
  • Production Management
  • Film Production
  • Photo Retouching
  • High Volume