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Blink is a platform connecting the world’s best storytellers to companies that have a story to tell.

Main features

Find the perfect fit

Wondering how to cover tomorrow morning’s ribbon-cutting in Reykjavik? Blink’s search engine finds the current location of top professionals around the world based on the skill set and location you need. Our search tool curates a ranked list of the best talent, ensuring you’ll find exactly who and what you’re looking for.

Blast a brief

When you’re on deadline there’s no time to waste. Our Briefs feature broadcasts your assignment or content request to every user in a location who matches your search criteria. Tell Blink what you need, then sit back while our professionals come to you. But don’t get too comfortable - our network is ready to roll. Instant alerts make sure our members find out instantly, so you will, too.

Instantly connect on the move

The Blink app keeps you in touch with your teams so you know where they are and what they’re working on. Location updates, group conversations and instant alerts keep you connected, wherever you are.

Building a better network

We built the intersection of storytellers, producers, brands and publishers.

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