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Matt Craig

Co-founder & CEO

Matt was formerly the Page One Photo Editor of The Wall Street Journal before founding Blink. He is a graduate of Boston University and worked for Harvard University, The Nieman Foundation and VII Photo Agency. When he isn’t evangelizing about Blink, Matt can be found toting a Leica around Brooklyn with members of MJR, an international group of artists he founded in 2007.

Pablo Grandinetti

Co-founder & COO

Pablo is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned executive. In the past 19 years he co-founded and exited several companies, including the first digital music store for the Hispanic market, a startup incubator and an network of travel-related websites visited at its peak by 25M+ unique users per month. Pablo is also an active advisor and investor in crypto, fintech and VR startups.

Julien Jourdes

Co-founder & CCO

Julien draws on his previous experience as the World News Photo Editor at The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek, as well as Editorial Director of Magnum Photos in Paris during the conflict in Iraq. He is a founding member of Fovea, and earned dual degrees in Photography and Photojournalism from L'Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière in Paris and the ICP in NYC.