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The very first time I used Blink, I found a photographer in Cairo who did an amazing job handling an assignment that got upset by civil unrest in South Sudan. Blink helped us find a great photographer, fast.
Mark Murrmann, Photo Editor at Mother Jones - USA
Dan Krauss
Photographer - USA
Blink has been incredible for connecting with new editors, and reconnecting with editors I've worked with in the past. Since signing up, my assignments have almost doubled in frequency. I highly recommend it to any freelancers in the photography world.
David Degner
Photographer - Egypt
After finding me on Blink the editors from Mother Jones sent me to Kenya and Sudan for a story, even though I’m based in Egypt. I probably wouldn’t have gotten the job otherwise.
Jon Levy
Editor - England
This is the tool I have always dreamed of. Better than being everywhere at once, is the ability Blink gives me to find a qualified and dependable professional wherever I need them and as soon as I do.
Lorenzo Tugnoli
Photographer - Italy
Le Monde got in contact with me on Blink on December 20th. I was probably the only photographer in Kabul, 5 days before Christmas. The day after I was out on assignment with them!
Laetitia Ganaye
Manager at Agence VU - France
Blink allows me to connect with my network from one single platform efficiently, multiplying the opportunities of assignments for VU photographers.
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Matt Craig
Matt Craig
Co-founder & CEO
Matt was formerly the Page One Photo Editor of The Wall Street Journal before founding Blink. He is a graduate of Boston University and worked for Harvard University, The Nieman Foundation and VII Photo Agency. When he isn’t evangelizing about Blink, Matt can be found toting a Leica around Brooklyn with members of MJR, an international group of artist he founded in 2007.
Julien Jourdes
Julien Jourdes
Co-founder & COO
Julien draws on his previous experience as the World News Photo Editor at The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek, as well as Editorial Director of Magnum Photos Paris during the conflict in Iraq. He is a founding member of Fovea, and earned dual degrees in Photography and Photojournalism from L'Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière in Paris and the International Center of Photography in NYC.
Pablo Grandinetti
Pablo Grandinetti
Co-founder & Board member
Pablo is a serial entrepreneur from Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the past 14 years he co-founded several companies, including the first digital music store for the hispanic market, a startup incubator and an international network of travel-related sites now visited by 15M unique users. Amateur architect, avid traveler and shower singer, he can be seen around construction sites, movie theaters and airplane seats.
Gabriel Frymer
Gabriel Frymer
Gabriel started programming at the age of 10 after getting his hands on a Commodore 128. Since then he has learned to capture the power of his restless brain and translate brilliant ideas into code. His background in Information Engineering and more than 15 years of experience working for technology companies and startups has made Gabriel an invaluable part of the Blink team.
Lisandro Mc Gough
Lisandro Mc Gough
Lead developer
Lisandro has been involved in computer science since childhood and has worked professionally as a developer since 1998. CTO and CDO are just a few of the hats he has worn over the years. Whether the project is a large scale enterprise or a bright new startup, teamwork and innovation is always his strong suit. During hard earned holidays Lisandro can be found free-diving and harpoon-fishing.

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