We’re an integrated technology and creative production agency headquartered in New York.

Our teams in North America, LatAm and Asia leverage local creatives in over 180 countries to deliver efficient and impactful storytelling at scale. Our workflows are designed to attack complex problems, create straight line solutions and keep our clients one step ahead.

Who we are

Our global production workflow is powered by a technology stack developed in-house over the last 10 years. At the center of all this is our people. Our staff is made up of production geniuses and ops warriors who’ve seen it all. They've curated a network of filmmakers, photographers, creatives and crew who collaborate on hundreds of productions each year. Our team is at the front of the content industry, enabling our clients to break molds and tell stories differently.

What we do

Every aspect of creative production has changed, and we’ve been on the front lines. We know the winning strategies and fail points of large-scale, global production and streamlined the process to be efficient and replicable wherever, whenever. Our story development team is agile, delivering sharp concepts that guide the production process. Today production happens in multiple locations all at once, and we believe consistency and creativity go hand-in-hand. After settling on a unified look and feel, we tailor our creative and technical briefs to each location and crew. We then put our full trust in our teams to capture stories authentically, with on-the-ground local knowledge. Finally, our in-house post-production team brings all the work together with premium graphics and creative editorial direction.

“Our agency is built on a foundation of intimate storytelling, critical thinking and scale”

Our history

Blink was founded by Matt Craig (CEO) and Pablo Grandinetti (COO) in early 2013 as a tech startup connecting publishers with vetted photojournalists on the ground in real-time. We partnered with the biggest names in media to build an industry-standard network for visual storytelling.

Our platform helped shape a more equitable economy for photojournalists and filmmakers, regardless of their location or industry access. The Blink Network aggregated the best talent from over 180 countries into a GPS data-powered network searchable by real-time location. This unique network of artists and crews remains our most powerful asset, and the tools we built for the media industry are at the core of our efficiencies as an agency today.

As we grew our technology business, the demand for creative production soared. Brands and agencies needed production value, consistency, and scale everywhere at once and our team had the DNA to do things that our competitors couldn't. We pivoted our focus in 2016 to embrace the vision of building a creative production agency for the future of storytelling.

Five years later, we shoot in over a 100 countries a year for Fortune 500s, NGOs, agencies, media companies and scaling startups. Our story is about adaptation, process-building, and embracing the future of an artform and industry we love.


Our network

Launched in 2013, the Blink Network is our unmatched resource of storytellers on the ground in over 180 countries worldwide. We've hand-picked the world's best filmmakers, photographers and journalists who bring authentic perspectives to every project.